Film Commission

Movie General Directorate, DICINE

Incentives for the Movie Industry

To encourage the Movie and Audiovisual Industry, Panama has an interesting range of incentives, available to companies and independent professionals interested in carrying out movie projects in the country.

Download: Film Law 16


A single window for all the paperwork.

Paperwork of Migratory Permits for foreign personnel.

Work permits for foreign personnel.

Customs: temporary entry of equipment without bond.

Tax incentives for the designated special area, for development of the Cinema and Audiovisual Industry.

Permits for public locations in all the national territory.

Paperwork for public utilities.

Links with producers, technicians, casting agencies and national personnel.

Special Investment Regimes


“There are three key reasons behind Monjasa’s investment in Panama. The high level of safety, both financial and personal, provided by the country compared to other Latin American countries is a significant factor. Easy access to a foreign labor force, which is crucial to our business in Panama, together with Panama’s strategic geographic location, constitute other factors behind our investment decision”

Rasmus Jacobsen, General Director
Monjasa Americas

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