With positive projections, Panamanian exporters begin a trade mission in Peru

  • 18 participating companies
  • 136 business appointments
  • The trade mission/business roundtable will promote the Panamanian export products in the Peruvian market in order to generate transactions
  • “We have given the businessmen a wide picture of the Peruvian market and its opportunities, including preferences and particularities of the Peruvian consumers and buyers.” Alberto Alemán, Director of PROINVEX

Directors and representatives of eighteen Panamanian companies are in Lima participating in the first business macro-roundtable organized by the Agency for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion (PROINVEX) of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) in that southern country for the purpose of assertively penetrating the Peruvian market with Panamanian products.

The director of PROINVEX Panama, Alberto Alemán, detailed that every participating company of this trade mission has between four and up to ten appointments previously scheduled with prospective buyers. “We are looking for quality, not quantity. Each exporter present will have a sequence of appointments where during a definite period of time very focused discussions are generated with buyer and seller”, he explained.

The offer of products represented by the participating companies are: beef, liquor, food, sauces, sea products, shoes, sporting goods, candles and even logistics services.

Alemán emphasized that an intense consulting effort has been carried out with the participating companies regarding aspects such as: particularities of the Peruvian market, facilities and commercial barriers, tariff aspects, attribution of prices for that market in particular, the way in which to calculate, taking into account the Free Trade Agreement, understanding its mechanics and opportunities.

The PROINVEX director added that prior to the trade mission – that will take place September 19-21 of this year – preliminary market intelligence work will have been carried out to link the Panamanian offer with the Peruvian demand. “Once the seller and buyer sit down at the negotiation table there will already be a prior understanding and prior analysis on the sales potential of that particular exporter”, he stated.

In preparation for this trade mission, headed by the vice minister of Foreign Trade, Néstor González, there has been support from the Panamanian Embassy in Peru and technical assistance from the company Aserto Negocios, consulting experts on the identification of market opportunities and organization of trade activities.

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