Panama is the ultimate destination for multinationals investing in Latin America

Great leaders have chosen Panama as regional headquarters for the broad benefits of the country.

More than

Investment opportunities

A special legal framework, legal certainty and wide benefits are only part of the attractions for the companies in manufacturing, logistics, transportation, infrastructure, energy, tourism, business services, among others.







Strengths of Panama

Stable economic growth in the Region

With remarkable economic pressures in the short and medium term, Panama represents a prosperous and stable environment for investments

growth rate more than the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean

consecutive years FDI has grown in Panama

lower corporate tax rates across America

lowest VAT in Latin America

Some of our success cases

“DHL has been present in Panama for over three decades and currently employs more than 1,500 people. Panama’s excellent connectivity, as well as its strategic location, are key factors behind DHL’s ongoing investment”

Kendall Vásquez, Marketing and Sales Director
International Delivery, DHL

“It’s a country that offers us good connectivity. The geographic location is fabulous because we are close to everywhere. Another important factor for us is human resources. We have excellent quality in this regard.”

Gustavi Ripoll, General Manager
Dell Panama

“Halliburton established its Latin American regional operations in Panama in 2009 and opened its Business Support Center in the country in 2010. In 2012, Halliburton expanded even further opening their Human Resources Employee Center. Since then, Halliburton has established a transnational center in Panama and is currently exploring opportunities to expand its operations in various sectors within Panama. The key reasons behind Halliburton’s continued investment in Panama include its strategic geographic location and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law (SEM) which helps to make Panama a profitable location. Additionally, Panama offers good quality of life and school options, which makes the country favorable both for Halliburton and its employees”

Francisco Tarazona, Vice-president
Halliburton Latin America

“The key factors that influence our investment in Panama include its economic stability, its strategic geographic location and its excellent connectivity with other Latin American countries. Additionally, the incorporation of Adidas in the Law of Multinational Companies Headquarters (SEM) in 2010, has enabled the regional offices of Adidas Latin America to continue improving the business and strengthening its organizational structure, hiring the most talented executives in Panama and the world”

Marco Antonio Tejeira, General Manager for Central America and the Caribbean

“Panama’s tax conditions, including the use of the US dollar and the Multinational Companies Headquarters Law, together with its excellent connectivity, greater personal safety and the generalized use of English, we knew Panama was an ideal place”

Ricardo Herrero, Financial Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

“The investment in this new installation shows Ceva´s commitment with growth in Central America, where our office network offers clients totally integrated services”

Senior Vice-president, Mexico and Central America

“Panama will undoubtedly continue to grow in the coming years. For its economic model to be sustainable in time, it will be necessary to continue working in training its domestic labor force and continue creating learning synergies with the foreign talent. This will be the key to success”

Alberto Alesi, Regional Director for the Caribbean and Central America

Special Investment Regimes

Only Panama has so many advantages: a dynamic and growing economy, unparalleled connectivity, secure environment and the advantages of a special regime for foreign investment with large migration, labour and tax incentives.


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MICI) launched the country brand as a destination for investors and tourists under the campaign “Panama: The Great Connection”, choosing Tocumen International Airport to establish the interactive information center that shows Panama’s competitive...

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A trade mission of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) is in Panama meeting with state entities as well as the private sector, following up on contacts and results reached in the Panama Invest framework, carried out in Madrid, Spain, last April, which had a local attendance of...

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18 participating companies136 business appointmentsThe trade mission/business roundtable will promote the Panamanian export products in the Peruvian market in order to generate transactions“We have given the businessmen a wide picture of the Peruvian market and its opportunities, including...

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The directors of Dubai’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry visited Panama for the first time in a high-level mission to explore new channels to increase trade and investment in Latin America, using Panama as a regional platform.During their visit, they met with the Vice-president and Minister of...

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